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I'd like to say that this gallery is NOT a free gift-shop. Do not take anything or copy it without giving credit to the Storyteller. This is for looking only.

That done and over with- Thank you, all, for the faves! :D


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I feel like I've been VERY quiet around here :( I promise, I'll start making more things!

I am streaming at the moment-
I'm re-designing my Sarren dragon species, come watch?
Brennus | Stag | Herd member by FALCONorthern
Brennus | Stag | Herd member
NOTE: Reference shows Brennus as a young adult! He hasn't grown his antlers yet, and won't for a year or more.

Basic Information

Name: Brennus
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Year of Birth: 756 of the New Age
Height: 13.1 hh
Build: Medium-Heavy
Phenotype: Sooty Silver Smoky Black Part. Restricted Smoky Fawn
Genotype: EE/aa/nCr/nSty/nZ/fwsfws/rzrz
Eye Colour: Brown
Design Sheet: Festive Fawnling Designs 2014: Batch 11 #1

Sire: Angus- Blackwood loner; black restricted smoky fawn
Dam: Aderyn- Glenmore commoner; smoky cream restricted smoky fawn(deceased)
Bloodline: 50% Blackwood, 50% Glenmore
Magic Type: Talentless

Skill Points

Speed: 3 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 8 [Basic Level]
Strength: 5 [Basic Level]

Magic: 0 [Basic Level]
Herbs: 10 [Medium Level][Capped at Basic until age 6]

Experience: 0


+1 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+5 strength - base bonus
+1 speed - starter bonus
+10 herbs - starter bonus

Herd Information
Herd: Blackwood
Herd Position: Commoner
Mate(s): None
Current Location: The Blackwood, on the edge of Blackwood territory

Brennus is a surly fella. He likes to be alone, and he don't mind saying so. Other Fawnlings, well, he's never been interested in them; he minds his own business, and let them mind theirs, and it works just fine. He don't talk much with nobody; the trees are good enough for him. Sure, and he'll be a gentleman when he has to, but he'd rather not. He's not his pa, see, not that vicious, though he can be right sullen. Strong 'n silent, that's Brennus.
Beyond all that, though, Brennus is a simple one. Real laid-back, not much moves him, and he is straightforward with his thoughts, when he shares them at all. He don't have much time for riddles and fancy-talk. Besides, he ain't that fancy himself.
Brennus is a stocky fellow, with scruffy hair every which way. He's sturdily built- not the bulkiest of Fawnlings, but no lightweight either. He isn't particularly elegant; his fur is bristly, and sticks out at odd angles, while his mane is mostly straight with just enough wave to make it tangle easily.
Brennus' pa was a Blackwood loner, never dealt with the herd much. He was a rough fella, liked raiding like any Blackwood, which is where his mum came in. She was a Glenmore girlie, a pretty smoky cream, what Angus- that's his pa- stole away and kept for a short bit. Being a paleface, she didn't last long; just long enough to make Brennus happen, and then she up and died. 'Course, little Brennus couldn't'a survived without milk; so Angus, he went and found a Blackwood girlie what'd lost her fawn, and she gave Brennus the motherly care an' suck that he needed. Her name was Agrona, and she was a fierce old thing. She took care of Brennus, though, when Angus left; he didn't need to deal with kids. Agrona considers this a debt Brennus owes her, however, and so he is her helper and personal servant until she decides otherwise. Brennus doesn't mind, though; she takes care of him, and while he don't like her- well, she don't like him, and at least they both agree.
Brennus and Agrona keep to themselves, on the edges of Blackwood land. They don't deal none with the herd, and like their solitude. While Brennus is servant to old Agrona, he often gets lots of time to spend alone-like, which he likes just fine. He also learns herbs from her, which is right dandy. She also makes some charms, which is real interesting, though Brennus can't do magic none, on account of his paleface mother. Not that he minds any.
Angus: Brennus' father, and as savage a Blackwood as you could ever find. Brennus never liked him, and so didn't mind too much when he abandoned him to Agrona.
Aderyn: Brennus' mother. She died soon after giving birth to Brennus, so he doesn't remember her. Angus tells him that she was a pretty thing, but weak like most Glenmores, and so none of Brennus' concern; and so Brennus doesn't
Agrona: Brennus' wet-nurse and stepmother, so to speak, as well as mentor. She is fierce, hot-tempered and not to be messed with. She is also a skilled herbalist. Agrona considers her 'service' to Brennus something to be re-paid, and so Brennus aids her in gathering herbs and other small tasks. Brennus doesn't really mind; he doesn't like Agrona, but then she doesn't like him either, and neither really dislikes the other. It is a mutual indifference.
Tzofiya | Doe | Herd member by FALCONorthern


Herd member
1 year(born y759 NA)
Tomboyish | Carefree | Innocent | Fearless | Inquisitive | Outgoing | Cheerful | Expressive | Fickle | Energetic | Stubborn | Adventurous | Sweet

Roleplay Status: OPEN!

A History of Aeron:

Chapter 1
(Years 759- NA)
There once was a former shaman and a soldier who fell in love. They had a little fawn together and named her Tzofiya, and little Fiya was adorable and they loved her. Then a few hours later little Fiya discovered she could walk, and all mayhem broke loose.
Roleplay Opportunities:
-Botheration of adults!
-Playing with fawns!
Aeron | Doe | Herd Member by FALCONorthern


Point Splinter
Herd member
11 years(born y758 NA)
Obstinate | Tenacious | Skeptical | Sarcastic | Mocking | Contradictory | Attention-Seeking | Dramatic | Opinionated | Talkative

Roleplay Status: OPEN!

I've listed possible opportunities in Aeron's history for roleplay below, or I could do some current roleplays. Note me or post to ask about where your Windborne fits best!

A History of Aeron:

Chapter 1
(Years 748-751 NA)
Aeron is born. As a fawn, she is happily oblivious, like any other fawn. As she grows more self-aware, however, she notices a few things: First, other fawns have daddies. She doesn't. Also, all the grown-ups are giving her weird looks. Little Aeron doesn't know what these things mean, but she does know that it singles her out, and it makes her rebellious at a young age.
Roleplay opportunities:
-Aeron will interact with other fawns- playing, whatever. She'll also notice her lack of a father.
-Aeron will also interact with a few adults, who might treat her oddly, due to her questionable parentage!

Chapter 2
(Years 751-756 NA)
Aeron knows she is attracting unwanted attention, and so begins to start seeking attention in other ways. She continues in her rebellious streak, only becoming worse and worse. She aspires to be a Stormbringer, but foils her own dreams with her behavior. The Cape disregards her at first as a mere attention-seeking troublemaker, and later dislikes her as a dissenter and rebel.
By now, she understands her questionable heritage, and will not hesitate to defend the dad she never knew. Her reactions to gossip border on violence. Aeron also finds a goal in locating her father, in order to prove that she is no traitor child or half-breed, and starts scouring the Cape for any that might have birthed her.
Roleplay opportunities:
-Stags may offer to breed at rut, but Aeron would rather not- it's too mainstream to have kids!
-Aeron in this time may also form relationships- friends and enemies. No love interests, though!
-I am in need of disapproving gossips- both to whisper behind her back, and also to jeer at her to her face.
-Authorities and respected herdmembers will disapprove of Aeron, and she may be reprimanded.

Chapter 3
(Years 756-759 NA)
Fed-up with whispers about her father's identity, Aeron leaves the Cape to join the Point Splinter. She still considers the Cape home, however, and often wanders between the two Alliance herds. She also interrogates every wandering stag she finds, thinking that her father may be a nomad- not heroic, but not incriminating either.
Aeron enjoys the political upheaval; the Alliance makes her herd-hopping easier, and the unrest gives her more opportunities to start conflicts.
Roleplay opportunities:
-Aeron will, of course, now interact with Point members! She will put on a facade of believing in the Point's goals, but mostly she's just making a statement.
-Aeron will start fueling conflicts between Cape and Point fawnlings, and she likes to start a dispute, and then pull to the side and watch- or pull more fawnlings into it.
-Now is the time Aeron will meet nomads, as well! She's looking for her dad among their ranks, and will not hesitate to approach a wanderer for information.
-She will also start antagonizing Main Herd members- but she won't enter into physical combat; she's no soldier.

Chapter 4
(Years 759-)
After the creche is crashed, Aeron finds the opportunity to make the biggest statement she's made yet: On choosing sides between Etain and Tzilan, she is the first and loudest to speak, and she chooses Etain. After galloping out with her leader, however, the campaign fails. As Etain returns to the Alliance in shame, Aeron is left in the wilderness in crisis. Did she really believe in the Point- or even the Cape? Does she even really believe in proving her father legitimate?
Aeron wanders Windborne alone, believing herself the biggest sham imaginable. She also picks up an escaped fawn, Eos, who becomes her charge.
Roleplay Opportunities:
-Wanderers and nomads! Aeron is ALONE now with Eos, and so she won't see many except those.
-Aeron may also meet herbalists- but she won't interact with herds, only fawnlings on their own or in small groups.
I'm making this journal to say hello :D

I know it's been a while. All I can say is, life happens, and I haven't had much time. Don't worry, though, I think I'll be about more often now!

As for my messages- I'll try to get to them all as quickly as I can. I lack the motivation to answer right now- and I don't have much time either :XD:

One last thing- a question. Who here would be interested if I streamed something? Just some doodling and practicing with digital art, probably fawnlings, Sarrens, or a new dragon character of mine. If you'd be interested in watching and just hanging out, if you'd post with times and days you're likely to be available- that would be great! Oh, and either include your timezone or(if you're not comfortable with that) convert your times to Eastern U.S. time.

That's all!

Lichter sehen



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Just your average nerdy highschooler with a passion for art and writing. Nothing special in the world's eyes, but God has a perfect plan for me and my art- so I say, let's live and love for Him and have faith that He can deal with the rest.

I won't say much about myself here; if you want to get to know me, you may do that by looking at my artwork and my writing. I'll only say that God is above all else, and first and foremost in everything I do, whether it's writing or drawing, or just felowshipping with friends. So before you do anything, understand that about me.

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