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I'd like to say that this gallery is NOT a free gift-shop. Do not take anything or copy it without giving credit to the Storyteller. This is for looking only.

That done and over with- Thank you, all, for the faves! :D





That's right! As I consider giving away Alaric(I'm just not connecting anymore), I'm also trying to get ahold of a Royal fawn!

Keep in mind, I'm looking for a fawn like this for year 760; next rut, not this one! I'm getting a head start so I can plan with the parents' owners more.

So, here is generally what I want:

-Any parents available next rut.
A possible Lesser Royal at least, but royally Royal is better!
-I'm not too picky about coats, and not looking for anything in particular.
-If there's a particular relationship/betrothal/whatever going on, let me know!
-Just let me know if you have a Royal open, ok?

And here is what I am willing to give:

-Art of your fawnlings, if you like!
-I can do the breeding picture, if you like! But if you want to, let me know.
-If you want a specific gender, name or name type, or general personality, I can bend to your will, O Owner of La Royale!
-I am broke at the moment, and have no points :( I can't pay you in that way, sorry.

Soooo..... any takers?
If so, my Aeron can take care of one of them!

My doe Aeron( is one of the few Etain followers in the Alliance. She was seen by her native Cape as a child of treachery or a half-blood, due to the doubt of her parentage, so she left to join the Point. In order to rub it in the face of Tzilan and the Cape, she chose to follow Etain during the mass event. However, Etain will injure herself and return home, leaving a cranky Aeron to follow.

What I'm hoping can happen is that on Aeron's way back to the Alliance herds, she picks up an escapee Alliance fawn. She doesn't want to take care of it, but for once her sense of duty chimes in, and so she does. Over time, she might even begin to feel fond for the kid.

Here's where you come in. As much as I'd like to find a design in the pool and make the fawn myself, I have enough characters on my hands.

So does anyone have an Alliance fawn who has escaped on the way, and is now needing a caretaker?
Yes, indeed. I'm looking to roleplay my little problem in Oakfern, Tzofiya(, soon, when she turns one.

Mainly, I'm looking for a shaman that won't notice being followed by a fawn. My basic idea is that she follows a shaman, does some troublesome things(as is only natural for Fiya), and then either wanders about and finds her way home, OR the shaman finds her afterwards and helps her find her parents. So really, I'm only looking to have an actual shaman to mention in the roleplay- that, or a little bit of roleplaying if the shaman finds her later. If your shaman can both be followed AND find her a bit later, let me know!

That's basically it. However, if you want to do more than that, let me know! As Fiya gets older, she will need some mentor-type figures, adult friends, especially ones that can teach her some magic or herbs when she is old enough. So let me know if your shaman is willing or in a position to do anything more than be followed once!
Featuring Alaric
Autumn, year 757 of the New Age
The Blackwood-Silverthorne Border(Whitepeak Range)

Low rumbles of thunder echoed still. It rolled about in the mountains, teeth bared, and meeting antlers with every stag that dared stand in its way. The thunder was rut, and Alaric still had not left it behind, even these long days afterwards.
     Below him, the fire had died. The plains were no longer on fire, and the distance was not lit with dancing lights of flame and smoke. Not that this mattered; Alaric was no longer in Silverthorne territory. He had passed into Blackwood, or so his nose told him- into mountains that smelled of ice, of mountain, of eyes watching and danger lurking.
     Days before, Alaric had stumbled upwards, alternating between the burning of the energy of rut and the blackness of pain and injury. He reeked of blood, he knew it. The cave lion's claws had gone deep. Every step, every breath, every heartbeat reminded him of the encounter. The fire on the plains had ended, but the fire in his wounds burned still. They had stopped bleeding, but the pain was still there, and the slick of blood had turned into a crust of scab that pulled with every movement Alaric made. The gnarled, stony scabs covered his shoulder, his sides and haunches, and crusted one eye into a sightless, motionless mess. Beneath, the scores were red and raw, seeping blood whenever the scab broke, maddening Alaric with pain.
     Upward, upward... And still the eyes watched. They danced in the darkness and waited for Alaric to fall. He could feel them, coming closer as the sun's light died. Grian's fire would not reach here, not beneath these shadowy peaks where night ruled over day. Looking upward, Alaric could not see Luan either; she was lost to the blackness of mountain slopes.
     Night had fallen, and a low howling came to Alaric's ears on the wind. The singing made his blood run cold. Long and lonely, it was- and hungry. Hungry for Fawnling blood and flesh, the warmth of Alaric's heartbeat.
     A trail of blood followed the blood-red stag. It would not take long for the hungry eyes to follow with their grinning fangs and flashing claws.
     As his breath misted in the cooling air, Alaric felt fear for the second time in his life. The first time had been fear of fire. The second- paralyzing fear of ice. He feared the pines and the cold, this bone- biting cold, and the hungry eyes of the wolves that followed him. He would not give in; no, he could not! Irrationality in the face of fear was death, here. He did not know this land; he did not know these forests, these mountains, these foes. They were unfamiliar, he knew nothing about any of them- and fear, fear would make him run, make him act recklessly. Fear would kill him. No. He would not give in.
     Steeling himself to the terror that was flooding within, Alaric trudged onward. Upward, upward, into the heights, and colder with every step.
     Howling sounded all around- the wind? No, something else, something colder. The eyes were closer now, and they had a sound now- that horrible yipping, yowling, howling that rang in his ears- the sound of fear.
     He must not fear. Hefting himself forward, Alaric ran again- thump- thump, thump, thump he ran, but wolves were not far behind.
    He must not fear.
    He must not fear.
    Fear was cold in his veins. He must not fear. Fear was trickling water, was ice in his blood and his legs, a vice on his mind. No. He must not, must not fear...
    A sad song on the wind, long howling, broke his strength. Must not fear became fear, terror, run! Jaws snapping, all around; eyes glowing, feet running, claws dancing upon frozen leaves. Alaric bellowed in his fear, and ran, faster, still faster... Cold was no worry now, the eyes were. Teeth, teeth, howling and hungry eyes.
Hungry Eyes
Another Alaric RP! This is several days after the last(Thunder, Thunder, Fire)- maybe a week, week and a half? He's still injured, as you can see :P

Wordcount- 650
+1 stamina for Alaric
Aeron | Doe | Herd Member by FALCONorthern
Aeron | Doe | Herd Member

Basic Information
Name: Aeron
Name Meaning: 'berry'
Pronounced: The same way you'd pronounce the name 'Aaron'
Gender: Female
Age: 11 Years
Year of Birth: 748 of the New Age
Height: 8.3 hh
Build: Light-Medium
Phenotype: Buckskin Fawn
Genotype: Ee/Aa/nCr/fwfw
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Design Sheet:

Sire: Unknown NPC
Dam: Aris- Windborne NPC
Bloodline: Windborne
Magic Type: Wind

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 5 [Basic Level]
Stamina: 3 [Basic Level]
Strength: 2 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)

Magic: 10 [Medium Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+5 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 strength - base bonus
+1 strength - starter bonus
+10 magic - starter bonus

Herd Information
Herd: Windborne
Herd Position: Herd Member
Mate: None yet
Current Location: Drifting between the Point and Cape splinters

Personality: Obstinate | Tenacious | Skeptical | Sarcastic | Mocking | Contradictory | Attention-Seeking | Dramatic | Opinionated | Talkative
Aeron is an incredibly strong-willed doe- in fact, downright obstinate. She will get what she wants, and she will not let go. She will keep holding on even beyond the point when it is clearly futile, in fact, unwilling to change or move on. For this reason, she may cause herself much grief. However, though she herself is fiercely protective of her goals and beliefs, to others she is a skeptic. She is sarcastic, mocking, and tends to make jokes of others. Even as she is clinging to a plan that is beyond failure, she will be mocking another's dream that 'will never work'.
With others, it seems sometimes that she is out only to contradict. Aeron loves a fight, and often it's not clear whether she truly disagrees, or whether she picked the opposing side just to make things interesting. She has no mind for rules, entirely disdaining them when it suits her. She is also dramatic- very heavily over-dramatic, sometimes.
Aeron is average-sized for a Windborne, and leaning on the shorter side. Her mane and tail are tangly and wild, short, and tend to bristle in strange directions, giving her a wild, windblown appearance that just suits her. She milks the rebellious look by twisting thorny twigs, leaves, and feathers into her hair, to maintain a rough-and-wild look.
Aeron's mother, Aris, was born in the Cape Splinter, to two Cape Splinter parents. She was highly religious- but she was known to be widely traveled. Not long before Aeron was born, Aris was known to have taken a trip to the mainland, and it was no secret that she spent much time with the Point Splinter and the main herd. She consorted with non-believers and with other herds, and so of course when Aeron was born, her heritage was in question. Many had thought Aris a traitor, and Aeron was seen as the living proof of this- either a child of treachery, or a half-breed. Whispers abounded. The rumors continued after Aeron's birth, and became a thing she would have to live with. She decided early on, however, not to let these rumors push her down. She chose her own kind of attention, deciding to make herself what she wanted to be and nothing else. From the beginning, Aeron was attention-seeking and looking for trouble wherever she could find it. She gained a reputation as a rebel and troublemaker early on, and was often the ringleader wherever there were problems among fawns. She was fiercely opinionated, and wasn't unwilling to fight any little dispute out. Aeron thrived, in fact, on contradiction and skepticism- though within, she would fight to the death for what she believed in.
Eventually, Aeron did leave, knowing that she would not be questioned in the Point, but at this point, she almost enjoyed the gossip. She became a drifter- born to the Cape, and a part of the Point, she considers herself a member of both herds. The current alliance makes this easy, and she likes to switch position often. She believes in neither cause, not truly, and is a rebel more for the name and because she was born one. Though her mother was highly religious, Aeron fosters a secret little atheism, and believes in no god. Her skepticism prevents it, and Aeron has had difficulty believing in anything except what she sees for herself. This does not mean she is disloyal, however, and though she believes strongly in neither cause, she will happily fight for both the Cape and Point Splinters.
Currently, Aeron enjoys the turmoil in Windborne. Outwardly, she reveals no goals, only wanting to have fun with the fighting and defend her herd. Secretly, however, she nurses an overwhelming desire to locate her father and prove to the Cape Splinter, and even more importantly herself, that she is as Windborne as the wind itself, and that she is no traitor.
I'm making this journal to say hello :D

I know it's been a while. All I can say is, life happens, and I haven't had much time. Don't worry, though, I think I'll be about more often now!

As for my messages- I'll try to get to them all as quickly as I can. I lack the motivation to answer right now- and I don't have much time either :XD:

One last thing- a question. Who here would be interested if I streamed something? Just some doodling and practicing with digital art, probably fawnlings, Sarrens, or a new dragon character of mine. If you'd be interested in watching and just hanging out, if you'd post with times and days you're likely to be available- that would be great! Oh, and either include your timezone or(if you're not comfortable with that) convert your times to Eastern U.S. time.

That's all!

Lichter sehen



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Just your average nerdy highschooler with a passion for art and writing. Nothing special in the world's eyes, but God has a perfect plan for me and my art- so I say, let's live and love for Him and have faith that He can deal with the rest.

I won't say much about myself here; if you want to get to know me, you may do that by looking at my artwork and my writing. I'll only say that God is above all else, and first and foremost in everything I do, whether it's writing or drawing, or just felowshipping with friends. So before you do anything, understand that about me.

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And YES! I did. Dreamclock seems a lot like Wraith(the sword)- inorganic, dark(and I mean in the literal sense), and what is more misunderstood than a telepathic weapon that radiates shadows but doesn't necessarily want to? And yet Dreamclock is very large, while you can tuck Wraith into your belt :XD: Oh, and Wraith has some black hole-ish qualities too- a sort of magnetism or attraction power, though more psychological than physical. Perhaps because of the sword's twisted nature, it exerts a terrible psychological hold on anyone's mind, particularly the people who are twisted themself... And I'll tell you no more!
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