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the Lion and the Bear-Prince
Featuring Alaric and Arthfael
Late Autumn, year 757 of the New Age
Borders of Blackwood

     Alaric shivered. The last breaths of autumn were dying, and winter was coming with antlers bared. His hadn't dropped yet, but would soon, and he would be without defense. Without defense, in Blackwood, in mountains that Alaric had never known, with foes he had never met. Wolves, bears, mountain lions- and though Alaric was large in Silverthorne, he would be dwarfed by any Blackwood with mettle. It was not a comfortable thought for the young soldier. He was as yet inexperienced, he knew this. His little patrolling and his lion would not prepare him for Blackwood.
     Pushing onward, further into the mountains, it only got colder. The wounds from the lion attack, now healed, were still tight, scar tissue pulling as he walked. Those day
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The Highland Falcon species sheet by FALCONorthern The Highland Falcon species sheet :iconfalconorthern:FALCONorthern 10 4 Dragon Gloria by FALCONorthern Dragon Gloria :iconfalconorthern:FALCONorthern 5 6
    Who could conceive that Death and Dreams could come through roses, and Hope could have wings?
    The world is young, and magik thrives, while the land passes through the last of its birth-pains. As disasters, frequent and destructive, destroy regions, new systems are born from the rubble- a cycle of rebirth still in its beginnings, before it has become weary and heavy with age. Carnage and verdant growth echo one another in living beauty. The people of this world have captured the joy of its discovery- new lands, new beasts and plants, are found every day as every day the people push further, look deeper. It is in this way that the Magiks were found and built.
    In this new-born world, young Briar of the Maudlin Kind is enthralled by the magik most familiar to her race: Song. Beautiful and potent, Briar cannot help but join the growing ranks of the Bards, masters of Song... But experimentation always has its consequences, and magik
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(Copper and Red are sheltering beneath the stable eaves, caught out in a sudden downpour during work. Both are soaked and very muddy- Copper is smeared with goopy mess, and Red’s plumage is downright sodden with dirty rainwater. The torrent clears, however, and the girl and the gryphon venture forth from their shelter. As she is continuing her work, a few cadets arrive- probably to fool around in the grounds. Normally Copper is well away before the cadets arrive, but the rain has kept her, and the white plaster walls of the courtyard are again streaked and brown. The cadets of course see her scrubbing in the corner, and cannot resist a jeer or two at their favourite verbal punching bag.)
Cadet 1: Weeell now, what do we have here, late in her work, a bonny princess, isn’t she?(Nudges Cadet 2)
Cadet 2: Now, let’s not be cruel, Perc. We can't have her getting above herself, now can we?
Cadet 1: (Smirks, walking up to Copper) What are you doing here, muckrake?
(Copper sco
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The Sun Country teaser
  There is a story among gazelles, if you care to listen for such things, that tells of a beautiful land in the Sun. It is bright and peaceful, and so lovely that it gives light to all the broken world below it. Young Azza has been told this story from birth, as a child's tale; and she believes every word of it. She dreams of finding this mythic paradise; and guided by the noble hawk Haytham, she sets out on an epic journey across deserts, jungles, and heat-scorched savanna in order to prove to herself what she is so sure is true.
  "Oh, help me, Haytham," Azza whispered with a shudder.
Without a word, the hawk lifted from his place on her horn and flew, slowly, defiantly, into that nothingness. Though he was grim in his defiance, each flap of his wings seemed to alter that bone-chilling landscape in a subtle, unchangeable way. For where there was nothing, there was suddenly now something, and that something was Haytham- noble, st
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December by FALCONorthern December :iconfalconorthern:FALCONorthern 10 8
I'd like to say that this gallery is NOT a free gift-shop. Do not take anything or copy it without giving credit to the Storyteller. This is for looking only.

That done and over with- Thank you, all, for the faves! :D


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I'm making this journal to say hello :D

I know it's been a while. All I can say is, life happens, and I haven't had much time. Don't worry, though, I think I'll be about more often now!

As for my messages- I'll try to get to them all as quickly as I can. I lack the motivation to answer right now- and I don't have much time either :XD:

One last thing- a question. Who here would be interested if I streamed something? Just some doodling and practicing with digital art, probably fawnlings, Sarrens, or a new dragon character of mine. If you'd be interested in watching and just hanging out, if you'd post with times and days you're likely to be available- that would be great! Oh, and either include your timezone or(if you're not comfortable with that) convert your times to Eastern U.S. time.

That's all!

Lichter sehen



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Just your average nerdy highschooler with a passion for art and writing. Nothing special in the world's eyes, but God has a perfect plan for me and my art- so I say, let's live and love for Him and have faith that He can deal with the rest.

I won't say much about myself here; if you want to get to know me, you may do that by looking at my artwork and my writing. I'll only say that God is above all else, and first and foremost in everything I do, whether it's writing or drawing, or just felowshipping with friends. So before you do anything, understand that about me.


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Your little baby lady will be born on March 29, 2015.
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Maple LeafHappy Thanksgiving Inny!! :turkeyMaple Leaf
 I am thankful for many, many things: to have a roof over my head, to have food on the table, being able to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. These are all some of the most wonderful things in life. :aww: Nature truly is miraculous. But above all, I am blessed to have the friends & family I do today. 
 I hope you have a great holiday! :hug: :heart:…
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Hey Inny, you know how you have a Shadoweye that's a sword?

Well, I've recently met a new one (I think it's one) to reckon with the oddity of the sword...

It's a black hole. :XD:
FALCONorthern Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I saw 0_0 And oooh yes, that is somewhere up there on the grand scale of strange Shadoweyes. Swords, civet cats, black holes... :D
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